Postinternet's Fantasy - critical design project

a critical design project produced in this semester: @postinternet_fantasy to critique the relationship between objects and images, which is reconfigured and influenced by internet in the current age of postinternet. In this era, more frequently everything is a remix, hybridize or disappear. Data-based images (objects) are easily modified online, while people become more easier to believe data acquired from internet. The boundary between image and objects is blurred; the boundary between virtual and physical is blurred; the boundary between real and fake is blurred; and the boundary between original and copied is blurred. 🕸🕸🕸What do you think with inspiring by the natural objects (images) I modified? see those absurd images in @postinternet_fantasy and welcome to make comments!🍻🍻🍻

Objects Creation: 

Document Zine:

Project Online Dissemination For Conducting Discussion:


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